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About Us

Our mission at Long Creek Resources is to support quantifiable progress toward sustainability across multiple sectors.   


Our Story

We established Long Creek Resources in 2023 to provide a suite of environmental consulting services rooted in state-of-the-art science and engineering. Since 2016, company President Dr. Eric Roy has built a productive research lab at the University of Vermont (UVM) bridging ecosystem science, engineering, and sustainability. With funding from federal agencies, state agencies, non-profits, and industry, Dr. Roy and his collaborators have performed leading-edge research, generating substantial stakeholder interest. Example projects include quantifying the water quality benefits of wetland restoration, designing & testing green stormwater infrastructure for enhanced phosphorus removal, performance testing of innovative manure management technologies, and clarifying environmental tradeoffs for organics recycling strategies. 


Company Principals Kate Porterfield and Tiffany Chin have worked closely with Dr. Roy at UVM, playing lead roles in many research projects. Long Creek Resources is defined by our complementary skills, common interests and values, shared commitment to high quality work, and team chemistry. 


See a list of our team's more than 40 scientific publications here.

Meet The Team

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